Principles of Retirement Planning Workshop

The materials cover varied aspects of conservative investing, such as risk management issues, tactical management theory and models, impact of bear markets on retirement income, aspects of financial decisions, and more, while highlighting the ABC Investing Model. Students will increase their awareness of the overall risk in the markets as well as possible asset allocation and tactical management models to help mitigate exposure to risk. This course also covers issues in income planning, how to find appropriate financial professional help, and principals of sound financial decisions. It is not designed to give specific solutions to individual needs.




  1. Understand five major risks associated with funding retirement
  2. Understand five financial myths in retirement
  3. How to strategically allocate your assets
  4. Learn the issues involved in risk management in retirement
  5. Learn the theory behind tactical money management
  6. Develop an income plan to fund your quality of life in retirement
  7. How to find a financial professional that fits you
  8. Know what questions to ask a potential advisor
  9. Learn how to make strategic retirement decisions
  10. Determine your own personal risk tolerance

Udvar Hazy School of Business (near 400 S. 1000 E.)
Room: 121
225 S. 700 E.
St. George, UT 84790

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