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Investment Management

At Statera, we strive to bring you the expertise you need to navigate through lif’es decisions. With this in mind, we have chosen to partner with BCJ Capital, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. BCJ’s philosophy is that investment allocations should come from a combination of understanding the historic returns of asset classes and how these asset classes will perform in the future based on current relevant data.


The BCJ Investment Committee has developed investment strategies that will give you the ability to invest based on your time frame, your goals and your risk tolerance. With these strategies and access to numerous funds, we will construct diversified strategic portfolios as a baseline, and then tactically recommend adjustments in the portfolio concentrations as market conditions or your goals dictate.


We don’t have a crystal ball, but we know whether we are on an investment version of a curvy mountain road or on a long straightway, and that we have to adjust to the conditions of the road. We can and do make changes to our asset allocations based upon the road ahead, not the road we just drove over.


In order to find a plan that fits your goals, and with the guidance of the BCJ investment Committee, we will work with you every step of the way to find a strategic investment approach tailored to who you are and what your financial goals may be. With a well-developed and regularly maintained plan, you can save for all the important moments in your life.

Tactical management portfolios are designed to help investors during major market downturns while also enabling them to participate when markets are trending higher.


These portfolios should be viewed as a risk management approach rather than a market timing approach, and is not a market timing strategy that seeps to sell at all-time-highs and purchase at all-time-lows.


By employing this strategy, clients are able to reduce portfolio risk without being forced to use traditional bond-equity combinations.

Our strategic portfolio series gives you choices when it comes to passive and active management.


Strategic portfolios use fundamental analytics to properly allocated based upon Modern Portfolio Theory and macroeconomics. The combination influences slight allocation shifts to optimize the risk/return expectation of the portfolio. Quarterly re-balances are performed to keep the portfolio drifting away from the portfolio objectives.

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