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Legacy Planning


Effective estate planning is a lifelong process of building, managing, protecting, using and eventually transferring your assets in the most efficient manner.

You have worked hard to accumulate your estate. Let’s make sure goes where you want it to, whether that’s to family members, charities or a combination of both. Statera works in tandem with your CPA and your attorneys to design and execute the estate plan that achieves your desires in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Family dynamics are important to understand during the estate planning process and at the point of wealth transfer. Throughout the lifelong process, Statera strives to educate your family’s younger generations about your family values, your personal finances, and how your investments and estate plan work so that when the time comes, they are able to handle the responsibility with ease and precision.


We will help you with:

  • How your wealth will be allocated/who will inherit what among the generations
  • The advantages and disadvantages of trusts versus wills
  • Whether a trust should be designed to encourage or discourage certain behaviors, to supplement earned income, to support a particular lifestyle, or to provide a safety net
  • How to name beneficiaries for each of your accounts
  • Access to Corporate Trustee services



**The information contained above is provided with the understanding that it is not intended to be interpreted as specific legal or tax advice. Neither Statera nor any of its employees or agents are authorized to give legal or tax advice. Individuals are encouraged to seek the guidance of their own legal or tax counsel.

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