Congrats on your upcoming 1-year mark with NSI! 

This 'anniversary' triggers your eligibility for NSI's 401k plan, and our team is happy to assist you in this milestone.

Here are some quick plan highlights:

  • NSI will match dollar-for-dollar on the first 3% of the employee’s 401(k) contribution, then 50% on the next 2%.  Meaning, if an employee contributes 5% of their salary, NSI will make a maximum 4% contribution.
  • You can elect to contribute to either a Traditional 401(k) (Before-Tax) or ROTH 401(k) (After-Tax).

Action Required: Enroll or Decline Plan Participation

Because we value the protection of your personal data, DO NOT email completed forms.  Use only the encrypted upload portals provided on this page.

If you need assistance completing this form or with the submission process, please call our team at the number listed below. 

(435) 673-6350

We look forward to helping you access this benefit from your employer and save for your future!

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