Experiences That Define You

By: Tony Christensen

I met my beautiful wife.
My business was started.
Lifetime relationships were made.
I met my business partner.
Competed in Finance throughout the country.

What do all these things have in common?… Dixie State University (DSU)

Dixie State University (DSU)

I owe a lot to DSU for the lessons learned, the life experience gained, and most importantly the people with whom I formed relationships. My time at DSU set the stage for future opportunities that would come my way.

Soon after I got married to my wonderful wife, I remember getting home from work and school every day. I would kiss my wife, eat something unhealthy, then lock myself in the back bedroom to focus on school work. This is what I call “locking down the hatch”. Luckily not all of my college habits have stuck.

But some of them did – those “lock down the hatch” sessions that I had each week taught me the value of discipline, hard work, and consistency. On the flip side, the football games, campouts, and lake sessions with colleagues taught me the value of relationships and enjoying the journey. Those key characteristics have been instrumental in building our financial firm and really making a difference in the lives of our clients.

It’s with great excitement that I announce a recent donation that we made to DSU. The picture you see is of David and I standing in front of one of my former classrooms. With our donation, this classroom will be getting a major renovation and we are humbled at the opportunity we have to name the room. This room will be home base for our educational workshops as we move into the future.

As our firm has grown, we have learned a lot. One of those key lessons learned is that “With wealth, comes responsibility”. Knowledge is power and as people are given tools, information, and resources, they can make a bigger impact on how they live life with greater financial confidence. This education model is going to be at the core of WHO WE ARE.

It is a rare and sobering opportunity to name something that is lasting and impactful and we want to share this opportunity with you, our clients and friends. We want this room to represent financial education, empowerment, stewardship, balance, and confidence. We are hoping that with your collaboration we can pick a fitting name for this room, and this special piece of the DSU campus.

If you have any advice or suggestions on its name, please let us know by emailing tony@staterawealth.com. We look forward to hearing your feedback.
Thank you!


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