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Experiences That Define You

By: Tony Christensen I met my beautiful wife. My business was started. Lifetime relationships were made. I met my business partner. Competed in Finance throughout the country. What do all these things have in common?… Dixie State University (DSU) Dixie State University (DSU) I owe a lot to DSU for the lessons learned, the life experience gained, and most importantly the people with whom I formed relationships. My time at DSU set the stage for future opportunities that would come my way. Soon after I got married to my wonderful wife, I remember getting home from work and school every day.
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Having a Plan B

By: Tony Christensen 3/9/17 Last month my family and I spent a weekend in Kanab to see the Balloon Festival and visit the surrounding parks. Unfortunately, the weather was stormy, as we experienced rain and even snow. After a weekend of family fun we had two choices to get back home: Go the long way back through Kanab, or Cut directly to Colorado City on a dirt road I’ve never travelled. The park ranger advised, “I think you will make it, if you have four-wheel drive.” I must admit, the words “I think” were not the most comforting, but we
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