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Avoid Triple Bogeys

For those of you that play golf, I’m sure you can relate. When I first started playing golf, I hired a golf coach for a span of a couple years while playing for the high school team. There is one piece of advice that sticks out to me to this day:   It’s not about hitting perfects shots, It’s about avoiding really bad ones. In my opinion, the difference between the pros and the amateurs is not incredible shots, it’s the lack of bad ones. The pros know course management better than anyone in the world. They know their strengths
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Having a Plan B

By: Tony Christensen 3/9/17 Last month my family and I spent a weekend in Kanab to see the Balloon Festival and visit the surrounding parks. Unfortunately, the weather was stormy, as we experienced rain and even snow. After a weekend of family fun we had two choices to get back home: Go the long way back through Kanab, or Cut directly to Colorado City on a dirt road I’ve never travelled. The park ranger advised, “I think you will make it, if you have four-wheel drive.” I must admit, the words “I think” were not the most comforting, but we
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