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It is Human Nature to Protect

By: David Harris 2/27/17 Anyone that has grown up in Utah knows that your 15th birthday is a critical milestone. At this delicate age, my sweet daughter is now able start her training to attain her driver’s license. As her father, I am so happy to teach her all about the operation and management of a motor vehicle. This past weekend we embarked on our first training exercise. All I could think of was how grateful I was for all the safety features in place to protect us! And how thankful I was that we have insurance! We put on
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Get The Whole Trust Package

By David Harris   Over the past 6 months I have had to replace 3 different computers. My work computer just stopped working, my daughter needed one for college, and our home computer was way outdated. The process of having to choose a new computer can be very overwhelming. I am a bit of penny pincher so I always search for the best deal. I don’t want to spend too much and I don’t want to get taken for a bad deal but I want to ensure I have everything I need. On many occasions, I have upgraded my old
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What do you mean a trust? Part 2.

By David Harris 2/2/17   Last week’s article was all about “Revocable TRUSTS” and many of the basic reasons why we may want to have a trust as the central piece of our estate plan. The article touched briefly on one of the most essential parts of the trust creation, which would be “FUNDING a TRUST”. Why is this so important? The Importance of Funding a Trust Imagine designing and building your dream home. You would spend a great amount of time, effort and expense to ensure that your new home was perfect. Now the time has come to move
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