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It is Human Nature to Protect

By: David Harris 2/27/17 Anyone that has grown up in Utah knows that your 15th birthday is a critical milestone. At this delicate age, my sweet daughter is now able start her training to attain her driver’s license. As her father, I am so happy to teach her all about the operation and management of a motor vehicle. This past weekend we embarked on our first training exercise. All I could think of was how grateful I was for all the safety features in place to protect us! And how thankful I was that we have insurance! We put on
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BONDS AND MEDICATION – Conditional Responses

By: Tony Christensen Over the past couple months, my family has been plagued with sickness. It started with my kids, worked its way to me, then finally moved on to my wife. Unfortunately, each of us a had a different illness but my wife had the worst one- mono! It has been fascinating to hear those around us diagnose our problems and offer suggestions of how to relieve our pains. Although not everyone has offered the same advice, the majority have had the same theme, “take medication!”   The answer is always meds Our society has been conditioned to think
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Get The Whole Trust Package

By David Harris   Over the past 6 months I have had to replace 3 different computers. My work computer just stopped working, my daughter needed one for college, and our home computer was way outdated. The process of having to choose a new computer can be very overwhelming. I am a bit of penny pincher so I always search for the best deal. I don’t want to spend too much and I don’t want to get taken for a bad deal but I want to ensure I have everything I need. On many occasions, I have upgraded my old
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What do you mean a trust? Part 2.

By David Harris 2/2/17   Last week’s article was all about “Revocable TRUSTS” and many of the basic reasons why we may want to have a trust as the central piece of our estate plan. The article touched briefly on one of the most essential parts of the trust creation, which would be “FUNDING a TRUST”. Why is this so important? The Importance of Funding a Trust Imagine designing and building your dream home. You would spend a great amount of time, effort and expense to ensure that your new home was perfect. Now the time has come to move
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