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What do you mean a “TRUST”?

by: David Harris 1/25/17 First things first! Last Sunday a friend of mine asked me why I didn’t write an article in the Spectrum this week. Surprised, I replied that I had written about my family winter camping trip. After many humorous comments from friends and family, we discovered that my article was printed… But my business partner’s picture was displayed as the author. We apologize for the mix up! And Tony is grateful to know that he has 2 kids and not 6 kids, as stated in the article! Now let’s talk Trusts. What is a trust? Revocable Trusts
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Identify Risk Tolerance in 2017

By: Tony Christensen 1/12/17 The beginning of a new year brings excitement about change, getting organized, and accomplishing more. Typically, a large focus is placed on the topic of personal finances with a hope to increase efficiency. Entering 2017, there are several factors to consider. President-elect Trump will be bringing an entirely new style with new procedures and governmental involvement. So far much of the corporate world seems to be receiving him well and this may drive growth and prosperity for much of the early 2017 year. However, if the Fed ends up having a lot of push-back against this
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Fees – Are you paying too much?

By: Tony Christensen 1/5/17 During the early years of my married life, I was a Mr. Do-It-Yourselfer. We didn’t have the money to hire everything out, but we still wanted certain things done. This led me to watch a number of Youtube videos as well as get advice from my Dad on how to complete certain tasks. As time has passed and income increased, I have done less and less do-it-yourself projects. I find it interesting that as I get older, I place increased value on hiring help that I can trust and those whom I can count on to
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